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Is Going For a Dental Bridge Worth It?

Advantages and Risks You Need to Consider

Dental treatment has come a long way from where it used to be, with a dental bridge being one of the best fixed options available to replace a missing tooth. If you are looking for a tooth replacement, you may have already stumbled upon this option. While they are considered amongst a premium standard when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are still so many things that you need to keep in mind before you choose a dental bridge. 

A dental bridge is used to ‘bridge’ the gap between two teeth. Usually, when a person is missing a tooth, a huge gap is formed in their jaw. This gap is filled using two crowns that are placed on the adjacent teeth so that there is enough support for the bridge. In most cases, the bridge is very smooth and sturdy, so it gives the feeling of a natural tooth. As it is one option for missing teeth, we are going to share some basic information regarding it so that you know what you are getting yourself into and if it is the right choice for you.

Advantages of Choosing a Dental Bridge Penrith

Before we get into the details of it, let us break down the advantages of choosing bridges. 

Functional and Aesthetic

The main reason why dental bridges are becoming so common in restorative dentistry is that it offers the best of both worlds. Not only does it provide better functionality in terms of allowing the patient to chew his food easily, but it is also aesthetically superior. It fills the gaps in the teeth so that a patient has no trouble in speaking or chewing his food; meanwhile, it can also compensate for the original teeth. The replaced tooth looks exactly the same as the rest of your teeth, which gives a boost to your confidence and allows you to smile like a winner. 

Dental Bridges Penrith

Beneficial for Long-Term Structure of Mouth

A dental bridge not only acts as a replacement tooth, but its wonders fare far beyond that. By making sure that the missing tooth is filled completely and both sides of the tooth being firmly held together, it reduces the risk of any movement or bite problems. The procedure is used to replace the whole tooth so that your jaw remains stable, which reduces any facial aging effects that are caused by bone deterioration. All in all, a dental bridge isn’t only beneficial for your jaw but your whole facial structure. 

Easy Maintenance and Long Lasting

The main reason why patients opt for a bridge is because of the fact that it is easy to maintain and more durable compared to other options available. It can last about ten years if you take care of it carefully. Many patients also go for bridges because they feel ‘natural’ in the mouth. Compared to other teeth replacement options, a patient feels more comfortable and adjusts well to a dental bridge. They don’t need to be removed and cleaned every day as they remain fixed, which makes it easier for you to brush your teeth.

Risk of Choosing a Dental Bridge Penrith

Just like everything else, there is a level of risk involved, which is why you need to be properly assessed by a Dental Professional before undertaking this form of treatment. The risks of using dental bridges include:

Decay of Tooth

While it is not as common, an ill-fitting bridge can cause a lot of problems in the mouth. Not only is it going to be painful when you chew, but a bad bridge can cause decay under the crown, and you will eventually have to get it replaced, or worst still, lose more teeth.

Collapse of Bridge

If the treatment is not performed by a professional, the bridge can collapse due to a lack of support. You must make sure that the dentist you are going for has years of experience and knows how to place a dental bridge in the mouth. 

Standard of Dentistry

Another risk that is common in some countries is the differing standards of dentistry. In most cases, you are only going to get what you pay for, and when going for dental treatment like a dental bridge, you must make hygiene a priority to make your budget a bit flexible. 

Dental Bridge Penrith

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