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Preventative Dentistry Penrith

Preventative Dentistry Penrith

Smith Street Dental provides high quality general dentistry for you and your family so you can keep your teeth, gums and mouth happy and healthy.

We believe that preventative strategies are the key to a happy and healthy smile and to prevent complications such as cavities, gum disease and many more.

Our local dentists have been serving the Penrith community for over 40 years and are experienced in providing preventative dentistry techniques for the whole family.

Penrith Family Dentist

Prevent dental problems before they start with our Preventative Dentistry treatments

Our friendly Penrith dentists are here to help keep your teeth clean and healthy!

Preventative Dentistry (or general dentistry) deals with procedures that aim to reduce the incidence and progression of dental diseases. The most common treatments involve the use of fluoride, which has had an incredible impact on the reduction of dental cavities worldwide over the last 50 years.

Other areas of interest include improvements in oral hygiene practices, better use of oral antiseptic mouth rinses, regular dental check-ups, and a healthy diet.

Preventative Dental services that are offered by Smith Street Dental include Initial ConsultationsFluoride TreatmentsTooth Grinding AppliancesSports MouthguardsDental CheckupChildren’s DentistryWisdom Teeth RemovalBad Breath Treatment, and Snoring Appliances

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